Specialty Products Non-fired

              AC-523 Non-Fired Snow

  • For a smooth, level application: apply with a stiff Fan Brush.
  • As the product consistency is that of a paste, it can be layered on using a palette knife or similar tools.
  • Brushes used should be cleaned frequently during use to prevent build-up in the bristles.  Clean brushes with warm water and AC-525 Brush Cleaner.
  • This product dries quickly.
  • AC-525 Brush Cleaner
  • Pour a tiny bit of AC-525 Brush Cleaner into the palm of your cupped hand.
  • Massage the brush back and forth in your palm. Work the cleaner up into the ferrule of the brush. Do not bend the hairs of the brush as this can cut the bristles at the ferrule.
  • Rinse the brush with lukewarm water and repeat if necessary until the brush rinses clear and clean